Drift eleminator

Drift eleminator

Drift Eliminators, made out of rigid PVC, are designed to remove entrained particles from air steam efficiently, with minimum pressure drop, thereby reducing the fan power requirement when the air passes through the Drift Eliminator. Water droplets are separated from the air drift at the three direction change points on the drift eliminator.

Blade drift eleminator

Cellular drift eleminator

Technical Data

Suggested Cooling Tower Application Counterflow Crossflow
Type Of Structure Cellular P
Maximum Face Velocity (m/sec) 4.5 4
Module Length 600 mm 600 - 3000 mm
Module Width 600 mm 1200 mm or as required
Module Depth 130 mm 100 mm
Distance Between Profiles 20 35
Directional changes for air flow 3 3
Maximum Continuous Temperature (?C) 55 55

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